Franz (Frank) Schuster, Mike's great, great grandfather in 1906, standing in front of the Koch's Store in Theresa, Wisconsin. 

​Pouring concrete sidewalks in the early 19oo's.  Pictured here is Mike's great, great grandfather Frank, great grandfather Willard and one of the little whippersnappers is his grandfather Allan.

For over 100 years, The Schuster Family has been in the Masonry and Concrete business.  Five generations of skills have been passed down generation after generation.  In 1909 Great, great grandfather Frank Schuster patented the block he invented called "The Schuster Block."  It was a "chair shaped" masonry blocked used on beautiful historical city center buildings in Wisconsin.   In 2009 Mike Shuster moved to Massachusetts with his family. In 2020, the family moved to Mason, NH.  He takes pride in his heritage and brings that level of pride to every project.